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Arts and Culture in Benidorm - From Ancient Landmarks to Colorful Folklore

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travellers looking to discover the region's cultural heritage should program a visit that coincides with its vibrant festivities. From parading medieval Moorish and Christian soldiers, to paper-mache figures set ablaze at midnight, Benidorm has some of the maddest and brightest fiestas in Spain. The city also offers visitors eclectic museums, ancient archaeological relics, and open-air venues hosting live performances.

Benidorm's city centre


Much of Benidorm's culture is hidden in the Old Town’s architecture that pays tribute to its humble origins. A stroll from the Castle Stairway viewpoint, through to the Plaza de Santa Ana, and up the pedestrian streets around Calle Mayor, will lead visitors to L'Aigüera; the city's main park and home to the city's modern Town Hall.


Parque de l'Aigüera


Just a couple of blocks north from the Old Town lies this stretch of grass and stone with neoclassical architectural elements. It houses a promenade with palm trees, 2 open-air amphitheatres, and the Benidorm Town Hall.


Avenida L'Aigüera s/n, 03501 Benidorm



Town Hall


Benidorm's Town Hall is often referred to as the rascasuelos, or "floorscraper", in reference to its unique horizontal design. Besides being home to the city's local government, the building hosts exhibits and performing arts.


Plaza de SS. MM. los Reyes de España 1, 03501 Benidorm. Tel: +34 965 85 55 00


Town Hall website

Historical landmarks


Benidorm has several traces of its past tucked between the modern high-rises. It is guarded by 2 stone towers overlooking the Mediterranean; originally built to protect this vulnerable port from sea raids. Vestiges of the Iberian peoples, who lived in the region over 20 centuries ago, can be found in the surrounding countryside.


Ancient watchtowers


Benidorm has a pair of 16th-century watchtowers, which once protected sentinels on the lookout for pirate attacks. Find them at Punta del Cavall, in the Serra Gelada mountains, and Torre Morales, on the road leading to Vila Joiosa.




Iberian settlement of Tossal de la Cala


Situated on a cliff at the end of the southern tip of Poniente Beach, this small archaeological site holds ruins of an Iberian settlement dating from the 3rd century BC.


Calle de la Ermita s/n, 03502 Benidorm.


Benidorm's Museums


The city is home to several cultural centres and art galleries. travellers will also find art outdoors: Playa de Levante is renowned for its collection of sand sculptures lining the boardwalk. For unique experience hunters, paying a visit to some of Benidorm's small museums can provide cultural relief from the beach.


Museo del Soldadito de Plomo


This small museum is home to a collection of colourful tin soldiers recreating a wide range of historical battles.


Avenida Mediterráneo 8, 03503 Benidorm. Tel: +34 966 808 421



Centro Cultural Marítimo


This cultural centre celebrates the city's nautical heritage with all kinds of naval objects: from wooden ship models to sailing-themed paintings and knot collections.


Paseo de Colón s/n, 03501 Benidorm. Tel: +34 627 214 954



Regional festivities


Nothing defines a region and its people like centuries-old traditions. Spain is well known for its spectacular festivities, and Benidorm is no exception. Along the Levante coast, historic Iberian battles and religious fervor meet pagan rituals in a clash of fire and armour.


Moros y Cristianos


This festivity commemorates the historical disputes between Moors and Christians during Spain's reconquista, when Catholic armies fought to free the country of Muslim influence. Celebrated in late September, the city streets witness marching, armour-clad locals wielding weapons from another era.



Las Hogueras de San Juan


In a tradition dating back to pagan rituals celebrating the summer solstice, the vibrant "Bonfires of Saint John" mark the official beginning of summer. Festivities culminate with the burning of paper-mache figures on the night of June 24th.