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Avignon Family Activities - From the Great Outdoors to a Fruit and Vegetable Museum

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Avignon is a visually interesting, lively city with lots for families to do. Both older and younger kids can benefit from cultural activities, while bike rentals, which are available citywide, offer a different kind of thrill. With a range of physical and intellectual options to choose from, you're sure to find activities that everyone can enjoy.

A family day out


There’s beauty and history around every corner in Avignon, making it a stroller's paradise. Kids will love the Gothic turrets and ramparts, which look like they’ve leapt from the pages of a storybook. Around Place du Palais des Papes, there are cafés where grown-ups can sip a coffee or beer while young ones enjoy street entertainers and buskers.


Carrousel Belle Époque


Transport your kids to a bygone era on one of the horses or chariots of this old-fashioned carousel, adorned with gold trim and white lights.


Place de l'Horloge, 84000 Avignon


Carrousel Belle Époque website

Bike rentals and Barthelasse Island


Vélopop, a bicycle rental service, has multiple racks around Avignon, making it easy to explore the town and neighbourhood on 2 wheels. You can pedal your way through the tiny streets of Avignon, then head over the Édouard-Daladier bridge to Barthelasse Island for a picnic. If it's warm out, you can go for a swim or play games in the country fields.




Rent bicycles for you and your family at one of many locations around Avignon.


Tel: +33 8 10 45 64 56


Vélopop website


Paddling down the Rhône


A sunny day is a great reason to spend a fun-filled afternoon on the river. You can rent canoes or kayaks, and paddle down the Rhône while admiring its dazzling blue-green waters and lush panorama. Kayaking tours that explore the area's flora and fauna are offered during the summer, fall, and spring months.


Le Canoë-Kayak en Vaucluse


You can take a break from walking tours by renting kayaks or canoes on Barthelasse Island, and spending your day gliding down the river Rhône.


Allée Antoine Pinay - Île de la Barthelasse, 84000 Avignon. Tel: +33 4 26 03 17 25


Le Canoë-Kayak en Vaucluse website


From fossils to fruit


If Gothic architecture and Renaissance art leave your kids cold, why not explore some of Avignon’s less obvious scientific and cultural attractions? Musée Requien is a compact, old-fashioned natural history museum with an interesting collection of fossils and stuffed animals. For an original sensory experience, try Epicurium.




This fruit and vegetable museum is a colourful and educational space for children and adults. Learn how fruits and vegetables are grown and turned into healthy, tasty meals.


Cité de l'alimentation, Rue Pierre Bayle, 84916 Avignon. Tel: +33 4 32 40 37 71


Epicurium website