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Fun and History for All Ages - Family-Friendly Activities in Rome

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With activities and excursions that appeal to all ages, Rome offers plenty for families. Children will enjoy riding carousels in the parks, blowing bubbles in Piazza Navona, or taking the oath of brotherhood at gladiator school. A walk along the ancient Roman road, Via Appia Antica, is a memorable day out.

Rome's public parks


Once the property of noble families, Rome's city parks are now publicly owned and free for children and grown-ups to enjoy. Many of the villas in the parks have been turned into art galleries or are open for tours. Each park offers different activities; you'll find bike rentals, playgrounds, and at least one family-friendly dining option.


Villa Borghese Park


Villa Borghese is Rome's most popular park. You can rent a 4-wheel bicycle or take a rowboat on the lake, and young ones will delight in the vintage movie theater and carousels.


Piazzale Napoleone I, 00187 Rome. Tel: +39 06 67109312


Villa Borghese Park website


Villa Doria Pamphili


At Villa Doria Pamphili children can run freely through fields, picnic on the villa grounds, and navigate dirt paths to the duck pond. At the entrance is the family-friendly café ViviBistrot.


Via di San Pancrazio, 00164 Rome. Tel: +39 06 477881


Villa Doria Pamphili website
Parco Adriano


Behind Castel Sant'Angelo on the Tiber lies Parco Adriano, where little ones can play in the playground while adults relax under pine trees. It's a good spot for a family picnic.


Parco Adriano, 00193 Rome



Entertainment in the piazzas


Piazzas mark the center of each neighborhood and are a great place to let children play after a long day of sightseeing. Some of the larger piazzas host local entertainers, artists, and markets throughout the day. They are also a relaxing setting for alfresco dining, or to enjoy a cappuccino or aperitif while youngsters play safely nearby.


Piazza Navona


Young travelers can blow gigantic bubbles, join in with break-dancers, and gasp at magicians and fire-dancers. At night, vendors sell light-up toy helicopters that fly into the sky and float back to the piazza in a whirl of colors.


Piazza Navona, 00186 Rome


Piazza Navona website


Classes for kids


History comes alive in gladiator and legionary school where children can get hands-on experience and training. In classes that the whole family can enjoy, you'll work together to learn the techniques, tools, and history of Romans who lived millennia ago. Rome also has its own children's museum, Explora, near Villa Borghese. It offers interactive learning for younger children, with lots of hand-on fun.


Roman Gladiator School


You'll start by learning gladiator history at the museum, then put on gladiator uniforms and pick up training swords. Using replica weapons, you'll train just like the ancients did.


Via Appia Antica 18, 00179 Rome. Tel: +39 06 51607951


Roman Gladiator School website


Historical reenactment


The entire family can enjoy training like a Roman legionary at Castrvm Legionis. The experience focuses on authentic reenactments. Children will have fun learning how to use the bow, catapult, and other ancient weapons.


Via Clarice Tartufari 2, 00128 Rome. Tel: +39 06 5072852


Historical reenactment website


Walking a Roman road


Appia Antica Park


You can follow in the footsteps of the Ancient Romans along Via Appia Antica, which runs through the sprawling park. Children will enjoy the chance to run through fields and freely explore the ruins.


Via Appia Antica 42, 00179 Rome. Tel: +39 06 5126314


Appia Antica Park website