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Nightlife & Entertainment in Quebec

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Quebec has a refreshingly laid back nightlife scene, with a few exclusive clubs, and lots of cool but casual bars. After dark, the cultural scene also becomes livelier, with independent movie screenings, live music, and cozy spots such as traditional pubs for drinks and chatter.




Since Quebec is a relatively small city there aren't a huge number of nightclubs, but there are some upmarket venues as well as casual dives for when you just want to dance, so you’re bound to find somewhere to suit your mood.


Maurice Discotheque


Housed in a historic building down Grande-Allée, Maurice Discotheque is a swanky nightclub set over separate floors. There are often celebrity DJs or pop acts performing, and you can always escape from the busy dance floor by booking one of the private VIP booths or enjoying some fresh air on the terrace.


575 Grande-Allée Est, Quebec City G1R 2K4. Tel:+1 418 647 2000


Maurice Discotheque website
Le Drague


Le Drague is a colorful gay bar that's open to all, with a large and bouncing dance floor and acts including DJs, drag queens, and cabaret performances. With a kitsch interior that includes statues and a catwalk, it's a place to lose your airs and graces, let your hair down, and have a wild night.


815 Rue Saint-Augustin, Quebec City G1R 3N4. Tel:+1 418 649 7212


Le Drague website




Quebec boasts impeccably preserved historic cinemas, with programs full of independent and foreign cinema. With movies in both French and English, and screenings that you won't be able to see in mainstream commercial cinemas, your inner film nerd will be pleased.


Cinéma Le Clap


Cinéma Le Clap is easily spotted from its jutting, pyramid shape, but while it looks futuristically forbidding, inside there’s an intimate atmosphere to relax in. You can expect to catch everything from Hollywood blockbusters to quirky indie flicks and live screenings from theaters around the world.


2360 Chemin Sainte-Foy, Quebec City G1V 4H2. Tel:+1 418 653 2470


Cinéma Le Clap website




Quebec's taverns have a long history as meeting places for men of all classes, and women weren't allowed into these drinking dens until the laws changed in 1979. Luckily, they are now open to all, and can be found down cobbled alleys in historic buildings.


L’Oncle Antoine


An atmospheric underground tavern with exposed stone arches and rustic wooden furniture, L’Oncle Antoine is the perfect spot for a beer on tap or some warming shots of whiskey. An open fireplace is lit on the coldest days, or you can enjoy the sunshine on the terrace during the summer, with a menu of French classics and burgers to accompany your drinking.


29 Rue Saint Pierre, Quebec City G1K 3Z3. Tel:+1 418 694 9176


L’Oncle Antoine website


Live music


From pubs with open mic nights, to arenas on the outskirts of the city hosting household names, chances are Quebec will rock you at some point during your visit.


Le Cercle


This hip hotspot has a full calendar of events, with ultra-cool indie and rock bands plus uniquely themed club nights that make the most of this space. With vintage furniture, exposed brick walls, a casual restaurant, and a long bar stocked with wide variety of wines, Le Cercle is as easy on the eye as it is on the ears.


228 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Quebec City G1K 3A9. Tel:+1 418 948 8648


Le Cercle website


Palais Montcalm


In the mood for music that’s a far cry from rock and pop? Then make a beeline for the Palais Montcalm, a modern concert venue that plays host to some of the most creative and avant-garde musicians around. From opera to jazz to world music, you’re bound to hear something to stir your soul.


995 Place d'Youville, Quebec City G1R 3P1. Tel:+1 418 641 6040


Palais Montcalm website