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Family Friendly Attractions in Quebec

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Safe, clean, and fairy tale like in its historic center, the city of Quebec is the perfect place to bring children, and most attractions have something to offer for younger visitors. They'll love the maze-like cobblestone streets and vast outdoor spaces, and there’s even a museum dedicated to chocolate. Who could resist?




There are idyllic green spaces in the city, while just outside Quebec you'll also find ski resorts where the whole family can hit the powder when the season begins. In the warmer months you can also expend energy hiking and biking around the mountain landscapes.


Old Quebec Funicular


Kids will love the ride up the steep funicular railway which connects the Lower and Upper parts of the old town. Also known as the Funiculaire du Vieux Quebec, it’s almost 60 meters high, and as you travel towards the top you enjoy excellent views over the city's rooftops, and along the sparkling waters of the harbor.


16 Rue du Petit Champlain, Quebec City G1K 4H4. Tel:+1 418 692 1132


Old Quebec Funicular website
Plains of Abraham


Covering over 200 acres, the Plains of Abraham offers plenty of green space for play, as well as seasonal activities such as cross country skiing and snowshoeing. The park was once the site of a key battle in the Seven Year's War, and there are still sites such as the Martello Tower remaining, with exhibits and vivid re-enactments taking place on important anniversaries.


835 Avenue Wilfrid-Laurier, Quebec City G1R 2L3. Tel:+1 418 648 3506


Plains of Abraham website


Educational fun


With the city investing in exciting and modern attractions, your kids are liable to learn something even while they’re having a thrilling time. Here are two must-sees if you have the clan in tow.


Aquarium du Quebec


A unique aquarium with indoor and outdoor exhibits, the Aquarium du Quebec is home to over 10,000 marine species, and allows you to explore the deepest depths of the sea without getting wet. Kids will love being able to stroke friendly starfish and stingrays, or you can watch seals, walruses, and polar bears enjoying a dip. There's also a large aquarium tunnel where colorful tropical fish flutter by just inches from your face.


1675 Avenue des Hôtels, Quebec City G1W 4S3. Tel:+1 418 659 5264


Aquarium du Quebec website


Erico - Creative Chocolate Shop and Chocolate Museum


What could be more fascinating for children than the history of chocolate? The quaint Erico - Creative Chocolate Shop and Chocolate Museum tells the story of how chocolate became a favorite treat for so many, from the days of Mayans to the birth of modern brands. On weekdays you can even see the chocolatiers at work. However, the best part comes at the end, when you can sample unique flavors, or order a delicious cup of homemade hot chocolate.


634 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec City G1R 1P8. Tel:+1 418 524 2122


Erico - Creative Chocolate Shop and Chocolate Museum website


Amusement parks


The mountain scenery around Quebec makes for ideal theme park settings, so venture out in search of a heady adrenaline rush.


Mega Parc


It’s one of North America's largest indoor amusement parks, so you don't have to worry about the weather as you ride the Ferris wheel, carousel, miniature train, or fast-moving thrill rides. There's a climbing wall to clamber up, and a sparkling ice rink that's fun for kids and adults alike.


5401 Boulevard des Galeries, Quebec City G2K 1N4 . Tel:+1 418 627 5800


Mega Parc website


Family dining


Downtown Quebec has a large number of restaurants in a small area, so it's easy to come across one that suits your group’s tastes. With many French-inspired eateries, kids with adventurous taste buds will enjoy trying new things, or they can just go for the more traditional family favorites.


Le Chic Snack


This burger joint has a French-Canadian flair, with several kinds of gooey poutine, burgers with French cheeses, and truffle fries. Kids will love the milkshakes made with artisanal ice cream, and parents can enjoy theirs with a shot of their favorite liquor.


15 Rue Du Fort, Quebec City G1R 3Z8. Tel:+1 418 692 1485


Le Chic Snack websiteLe Veravin


Le Veravin is a cozy little French bistro, with family-sized booths and outdoor tables for warm evenings. There's a simple kids’ menu with favorites from pasta to croquettes, and adults will enjoy a varied grill menu as well as hearty French dishes like cassoulet and decadent desserts like crème brûlée.


233 Rue St-Paul, Quebec City G1K 3W3. Tel:+1 418 692 4648


Le Veravin website