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Where to Stay in Ooty – a neighbourhood guide

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Ooty is a town with 2 sides. A hubbub of hotels, restaurants, shops, markets, tourists, and traffic whirs around central Ooty. However, the farther out you head, the less bustling it gets, so by the time you reach the Colonial villas, pretty gardens, and tree-lined avenues of the suburbs, it can feel like you’ve stepped into a different world – and time – altogether.
Hotels in Central Ooty



There are plenty of budget options around the town centre. You won’t find much of the Colonial hill station charm that Ooty’s renowned for – this is the modern part of town – but you will get simple, inexpensive hotels, many of which have decent restaurants attached.





Wander north from the town centre to quiet neighbourhoods where modern buildings are gradually replaced by red-roofed Colonial houses, honking streets are replaced with pine tree-filled lanes, and fume-filled air is replaced with a clean, crisp mountain breeze. Pudumund is one such area, full of Colonial mountain town ambience.


Hotels in Pudumund



Some of Ooty’s historic hotels are dotted in the area, as well as modern upmarket accommodation, and charming guesthouses. If you fancy a taste of Colonial times, check into the latter, where you can have breakfast in the dining room in the morning, take tea in the gardens in the afternoon, and sleep in a four-poster bed at night.


Ooty Station



Ooty bus and train stations are right at the far end of Commercial Road. Quieter than Charing Cross and the rest of central Ooty, this neighbourhood’s still close enough to put you near amenities like restaurants, shops and markets, but without as much noise – great if you’re a light sleeper. Ooty Lake is also right on your doorstep, where you can rent motor and rowing boats.


Hotels around Ooty Station



The perks here are proximity to Ooty’s main transit hubs and the choice of hotels, as there are good cost-effective hotels on offer. If you're just after a cosy nook to lay your head in, rather than lavish lobbies and extravagant amenities, they'll do just fine.


Nilgiri Mountains



If you’re really seeking peace and quiet, the Nilgiri Mountains surrounding Ooty are a place of serenity and calm. Brimming with traditional hillside villages, pine forests, rolling swathes of lush grassland, and terraced tea plantations, it’s the perfect place to relax. Or, if you’re feeling active, you can take a trek into the wilderness.


Hotels in Nilgiri Mountains



Whether you stay in a splendid, brilliantly white mountain hotel, with touches of Colonial grandeur, or opt for a humble homestay instead, the mountains make an enchanting backdrop for your holiday in Ooty. These pads also offer a welcome refuge from the buzz of the city centre.