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Where to shop in Lombok and the Gili Islands

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While Paris and Milan can boast haute couture and catwalk pieces galore, Lombok and the Gili Islands have their own designer brands to brag about.  Local artisans are the pride of the country’s shopping culture, with handmade clothes and merchandise found all across the islands.  While surfing and other water sports clothing are at every turn, the islands also bring bustling night markets, boutique stores and beach front sales into the mix.

Robyn Junaedi

My Destination local expert on

Lombok & Gilis



Many of Kuta’s visitors are water sport enthusiasts and with pristine beaches and crystal clear water it isn’t hard to understand why they flock here. To cater to the masses, Kuta’s shopping opportunities are largely surf based, like the Kimen Surf shop. Surf boards are available, their size, weight, shape and design matched to the rider. T-shirts, hoodies and other clothes are sold, with brand names blazoned on their fronts and an assortment of colors to choose from.




Possibly one of Lombok’s larger shopping areas, Senggigi has a range of shops available. As one of the main areas for pearl distribution, Senggigi has a number of pearl shops where customers can browse the different sizes and shapes before selecting a unique and striking item of jewelry. For something just as special to take home but without the hefty price tag, the Asmara Collection sells carefully handcrafted gifts and souvenirs made my locals. Furniture, food and drinks are also sold here, catering to the locals and expat community.




For bespoke and locally sourced jewelry, Mataram has a variety of shopping choices. Whatever you’re looking for – a delicate bracelet to decorate your wrist, a new pair of dangling earrings or an elegant drop pearl necklace - Mataram’s pearl stores hold it all, with reasonable prices and even the odd auction. Providing for sports enthusiasts as well, Mataram has an impressive Quicksilver store selling clothes and merchandise, including the famous Roxy and DC brands. For everything else, Mataram holds the only mall in Lombok: a multi-storey building where food, clothes and electronics are sold.


Gili Trawangan


Shopping isn’t always about clothes, souvenirs and merchandise, but also about experiencing the local culture and its various foods. At Gili Trawangan’s night market you can join in the hullabaloo of the jostling market and wander the rows of vendors selling traditional Indonesian dishes. Bring a big appetite and some cash to enjoy the many foods on offer, from meat on sticks to aromatic rice.


Shopping tips - pearls


When shopping for pearls, Lombok and Gili Trawangan are fantastic options due to their local produce and therefore low prices. Pearls are not only available in the shops, but also on the beaches where sales people will approach you and show you all they have to offer: from pink pearls to white ones. Buying these pearls doesn’t just mean you’ll have a unique and authentic souvenir, but you’ll be helping the local economy too.


Shopping tips – haggling


With so many street side vendors and boutique stores, haggling for your wares is definitely expected. Once you’ve found your ideal item, ask the vendor for his price, then offer something around half of that price back to him, and let the battle commence! After a couple of practices you’ll be an expert at bagging a bargain.