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Where to stay in Dublin – a neighborhood guide

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Catering to all types of travelers, Dublin benefits from not having one single area where all the hotels, B&Bs and hostels congregate. With varying atmospheres and a huge range of places to stay, accommodation options here span from the most exclusive to the more practical, for those on a budget. Be aware, however, anywhere in the city comes at an added price tag; Dublin is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

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Central Dublin


Central Dublin is the ‘party central’ district of Dublin and also houses the main shopping district. Work your way through the vibrant streets of Temple Bar and wander along to Grafton Street for some retail therapy. Check out the bike hire scheme to explore the streets on two wheels or jump on a horse-drawn carriage around St. Stephen’s Green.


Hotels in Central Dublin


Around the park of St. Stephen’s Green you can find some extremely decadent (and not to mention expensive) hotels. The proximity to Dublin’s fine dining scene and the popular shopping district of Grafton Street, as well as the availability of the nearby park, means that this area is a very popular spot to stay.


West Dublin


West Dublin comprises of Phoenix Park, located just north of the river. Escape the tourist crowds of the city center and head out to explore one of the largest inner city parks in the world. Here you will also discover the Guinness Factory, nestled south of the river, where you can stop for a thirst-quenching pint on your way back home.


Hotels in West Dublin


There are a huge collection of B&Bs located around O’Connell Street and the river, especially around Lower Gardinier Street, which is a less that 10 minute walk from O’Connell. Simple, affordable and with good service, they offer decent rates and are easy accessible to the entire city.


South Dublin


South Dublin is the quieter, more expensive area to stay in for those who want to be close to the city’s amenities but also have a little distance from the crowds. However, benefitting from easy accessibility, just a short walk from Landsdowne Road DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) station and you can be in central Dublin in less than 5-10 minutes.


Hotels in South Dublin


An upmarket inner south city suburb, located one to two miles from the city center, South Dublin is home to many embassies as well as some of Dublin's most expensive addresses and hotels. Pubs, restaurants and cafes are also scattered in between these exclusive hotels.


North & East Dublin


As you move further east and leave the hustle and bustle of the city center behind you, the beauty and tranquility of the Irish Sea opens up before you. If you are feeling adventurous, head off down the coast to find the tiny villages and secluded bays of the Irish coast. Alternatively, stay next to the River Liffe and imagine the traditional Viking longboats that once sailed up in the bay. Croke Park is also in this area, however, so watch out on match days.


Hotels in North & East Dublin


Out towards the suburbs of Dublin you can find the bigger, more touristic hotels as well as several hotels that cater to visiting business travelers. These provide easy access to the coast, as well as to the city, and also to the Viking history that seeps through the city.