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Where to shop in Dubai – where to go and what to buy

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Gigantic shopping malls dominate Dubai making shopping enthusiasts feel they have arrived in shopping paradise. With an endless line of boutiques, charming local stores, exclusive designer boutiques, cheap wholesale stores and handicraft shops, the retail experience in Dubai is better than ever. Luxury is a word that couldn’t be more apt here as spas, cinemas and high-end cafes and restaurants are cleverly mixed in with the shops to ensure you still have the energy for the ultimate shopping spree.

Andy Harbuk

My Destination local expert on


Mall of the Emirates


Hosting more than 560 shops with a mixture of high street brands, boutiques, handicraft shops and luxury stores, Mall of the Emirates is one of the leading shopping malls in Dubai. Excited shoppers can go on a spending spree throughout the day to find the best the region has to offer. Busy shoppers can replenish their energy by relaxing in the many cafes and food courts found scattered across the sprawling complex. Shoppers can take time out to exercise in the mall’s very own indoor ski slope or unwind watching the latest blockbuster at the VOX cinemas.


The Dubai Mall


As the world’s largest shopping mall, it is no surprise The Dubai Mall has the tagline ‘everything you desire’ as its motto in the ultimate, cutting-edge shopping experience. You can shop till you drop, dine in style, be entertained by mega attractions like the Dubai Aquarium and even stay in glamorous hotels adjacent to the mall. Gasp in awe at the Dubai Fountain, set on the 30 acre Burj Khalifa Lake, shooting water jets at heights of 500 feet during select show times.


Emirates Towers Boulevard


Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Emirates Towers Boulevard is an extravagant shopping mall where high profile names including celebrities shop to their heart’s content alongside star-struck visitors. The mall is so exclusive that even The Dubai Executive Council occupies offices at the same address. After you’ve shopped until you can shop no more, relax in the many gardens dotted throughout the mall and reflect on your stay next to the calm rippling lakes and waterfalls in the public seating areas.


Dragon Mart


Dragon Mart provides a gateway for the supply of products made in China to the Middle Eastern and North African trading markets. This 1.2 kilometre long dragon-shaped shopping mall has 3,950 shops all for visitors’ perusal covering wholesale and retail trade. A range of specially made Chinese products are available here that include home appliances, building materials, toys, textiles and more. Located on the Hatta – Al Ain highway, Dragon Mart is near to eight fully equipped warehouses that give prime storage space to its traders. Many bargains are dealt at this mall as it is a hagglers’ paradise. But don’t expect high end quality. Most of the merchandise at Dragon Mart is considerably cheaper than elsewhere as it is aimed at bulk buyers and souvenir hunters.


Wafi Shopping Centre


Oozing wealth and affluence, Wafi Shopping Centre is truly a shopper’s paradise. Luxury is the name of the game as top brands set up shop in the beautiful and extravagant boutique stores selling wares enough to make you salivate at the mouth. After browsing the deluxe products, why not relax in the lavish spa after wearing out your credit cards. Remember to look up and be awed by the Egyptian themed architecture inside, with stained glass pyramids that make the complex as glamorous as ever.