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Boracay Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Boracay, Philippines

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Though the Philippines has never really been able to hitch itself to the Southeast Asian backpacker trail, its crown jewel island of Boracay has been consistently voted the world's favorite tropical island, and some of Boracay's beaches crowd top ten lists each year. So what else does Boracay have that the rest of the Philippines doesn't?

Tiny Boracay is located close to the center of the archipelago, and it benefits from relative proximity to Manila and Cebu. Boracay's two superstar beaches, White Beach and Bulabog Beach, bookend either side of the island like two white sand parentheses and in between, lush vegetation and mountain biking tracks connect a series of small villages.

The amihan and habagat winds blow in gently from different directions at separate times during the year and create superlative conditions for surfing and windsurfing. There's something timeless about the relaxed appeals of the beach life here, but the laidback party scene on Boracay has been the stuff of legend only since the 1960s.

White Beach

White Beach is one of Southeast Asia's premier tourist spots. It consists of four kilometers of resorts, bungalows and bars. White Beach takes its name from the powdery champagne sands which are visible even under the glass-clear waters. Remarkably, it has kept its pristine beauty despite ongoing mass tourism for around forty years.

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach faces the east, so sunrise views here are especially great. It lacks the hubbub of White Beach, which is a boon for some visitors, and the windsurfing and kitesurfing scenes here are very well established. 

Beachfront Path

The Beachfront Path links White Beach with the main road in Boracay. As such it is a thriving nerve center full of everything from barefoot tourists in sarongs sauntering between the beach and tree house bungalows and neon-lit beer bars. All bars, bungalows, hotels and retailers will be linked to the beachfront path by one meandering track or another. 

Cagban Beach

Cagban Beach is the main port of entry into Boracay. Ferries arrive here from Cebu and overnight journeys to Manila leave twice weekly. There is a festive and sentimental atmosphere here with many visitors spending their last treasured hours in Boracay before heading off for flights home. 

Puka Beach

An increasingly popular cove that was once the Philippines' best kept secret, Puka Beach is where the rare puka shells can be found. Its sands and waters are the crispest and most beautiful in Boracay.