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Krabi Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Krabi, Thailand

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Krabi is a huge draw for tourists looking to visit the south of Thailand with its world-class climbing opportunities due to the striking limestone karst rock formations that the area is so famous for. Krabi is home to some of Thailand's most stunning scenery, from its mountainous interior to its palm-fringed, white sand beaches that epitomize an idyllic postcard-perfect setting.

The province of Krabi boasts eight districts including the famous islands of Koh Phi Phi, which has firmly placed itself on the travel itinerary of the majority of backpackers and holidaymakers to the area. However, there is more to Krabi than the busy beaches of Koh Phi Phi, with the coastal setting of Ao Nang and the sleepy area of Krabi Town also proving popular among those hunting for the ultimate tropical getaway.

Railay Beach attracts visitors with its endless white sands and as it can only be reached by local long tail boat, a special magical feel emanates this beach. Some of the country's finest seafood restaurants can be enjoyed in Krabi with an eclectic mixture of cheap, roadside stalls selling tasty barbecued fish mixed with five-star eateries that line the back of the beaches providing ocean views to complement the fresh seafood dishes.

As well as food, Krabi is also well known for its rock climbing as much of the interior landscape in the province boasts towering mountains created by limestone rocks that provide the ultimate in vertical challenges for avid climbers.

Krabi Town

The majority of visitors here use the town as a stopover point before traveling to the coast. Yet the peaceful provincial capital provides a handful of good value accommodation options and a collection of interesting architectural examples.

Ao Nang

Found on the coast and often used by European package holidaymakers is Ao Nang. Although it is not a bustling metropolis, like many coastal towns in Thailand it is home to a mixture of good restaurants and cheap hawker stalls set among five-star resorts and backpacker-esque hostels. 

Koh Phi Phi

One of the most popular islands in the country within the backpacker circle is Koh Phi Phi with its pretty beaches and turquoise seas. It continues to attract non-stop floods of visitors to party the night away in the famous beach bars before sleeping it off in one of the beach bungalows. The island can feel busy and cramped by tourism yet its natural beauty make it a must-visit. 

Koh Lanta

The thin island of Koh Lanta is south of Krabi Town and an idyllic destination used mainly by couples and families searching for a cheap beach holiday with fewer crowds than the rest of the province. Its beaches are particularly secluded and its waters are calm and inviting. Visitors can splash out on one the island's top resorts or simply sway the hours away in a hammock provided by one of the beachside bungalows. 

Railay Beach

Fighting for the most popular beach destination with Koh Phi Phi is Railay Beach with its stunning interior landscapes perfect for keen climbers combined with a gorgeous stretch of sand. However, quiet and peaceful this beach is not yet it has a tame sophistication about it that appeals to the more discerning beach-goer. 

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