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Guam Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

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While the sun kissed, island of Guam is the perfect place to simply lie back on the beach and do as little as possible. Visitors with energy to spare will find that there are also a large number of historical landmarks and natural beauty spots to explore.

Nature lovers will want to spend time trekking through the jungle to discover a wide range of flora and fauna as well as stunning waterfalls and large parks.

While most visitors base themselves in the Spanish-influenced central region, those who venture to the south will discover the thatched huts of the Chamorros village, as well as beautiful beaches and tropical islands. Guam also features a good range of places to spend the night, eat and shop, making it an excellent destination for those with a wide range of interests.

Chamorro Village

Also known as I Sengsong Chamorro Village, this traditional village offers visitors an insight into Guam's culture, lifestyle, and cuisine. The market here is an excellent place to purchase traditional handicrafts and watch the talented artisans demonstrate their work. Visitors can take a bus to the village from most parts of Guam.

Latte Park

This interesting historical park dates back to 500 AD when the ancient Chamorros built their houses on stone pillars known as lattes. Latte Park can be reached by bus and is a site of intense natural beauty as well as historical significance.

Fort Santa Agueda

This Spanish fort was built in 1800 and is a tribute to the Spanish influence in Guam. It is possible to walk to the fort from Hagatña and the fort offers stunning views of the city and Agaña Bay below. Government House, the official residence of Guam's governor, is adjacent to the fort's sprawling grounds.

Pago Bay

One of the most picturesque bays on Guam, Pago Bay is the site of a former Spanish settlement and located near the mouth of the Pago River. There is a viewpoint overlooking the bay and those with private transport can take Route 1 to Route 4 and drive over the Pago Bay Bridge, following the uphill road.


Cocos lsland

Surrounded by a clear, turquoise lagoon, Cocos Island is an ideal island getaway and the perfect place to practice water sports such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and swimming. Visitors can take a ferry to Cocos Island from the nearby mainland town of Merizo.

Merizo Bell Tower

Also known as Kampanayun Malesso, this tower was built under the direction of Father Cristobal de Canals in the early 20th century. It is one of Guam's most significant sites and visitors can get here by taking a bus from the island's main bus station.

Inarajan Village

Situated on Guam's southeastern coast, this village is one of the best examples of Guam's Spanish influence. Visitors can wander along narrow winding streets to discover houses decorated in pastel shades and access is by bus or private vehicle.

Talofofo Falls

This stunning natural beauty spot is the perfect place for hiking, swimming and enjoying a picnic in the sunshine. Visitors can also ride a gondola across the river below the falls. As a private property, there is a small entrance fee. The best way to get to the Talofofo Falls is either with private transportation or by taking a taxi from Hagatna, Agat or Barrigada.