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Chennai Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

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Despite being one of India's largest cities, Chennai enjoys a slower pace of life compared to others. However, there are plenty of entertainment outlets for both locals and visitors alike.

Amusement parks are the main source of enjoyment in Chennai, and in this southern part of India. Chennai boasts the most modern and hi-tech parks. Shopping is also a great source of entertainment in Chennai as the city boasts a vast array of shops, malls and markets.

The Tamil film industry is based in Chennai and constantly churns out blockbuster movies for the masses. Movies are mainly in Tamil language, but sometimes it is possible to catch an English language movie.

After dark, Chennai's discotheques come alive and provide a dance floor for late night revelers. The city has a compact, yet vibrant nightlife which is centered among a few large bars and clubs.

Chennai's coastal location opens up a host of possibilities for water-based activities. Parasailing, scuba diving and fishing are just a few of the many water sports available.

Amusement parks

Amusement parks provide endless entertainment for all the family. Aside from the crazy rides and the extensive leisure facilities, parks provide an open space for a picnic and rest from the hustle and bustle of city life. Dash n' Splash and Dolphin City are the most popular amusement parks in Chennai.


Tamil's thriving movie industry is based in Chennai, and a constant stream of popular films is shown in cinemas throughout the city. Locals throng to cinema halls to catch the latest releases.



Disco definitely isn't dead in Chennai. HFO, the city's largest disco, encompasses over 6000 square feet of floor space and features hi-tech sound and lighting equipment. It is also possible to find laid-back bars, pubs and night clubs.


Chennai is rapidly emerging as one of India's top shopping destinations. The city offers shoppers a wide selection of shopping facilities, with many bargains to be found. Mall culture is growing at a rapid rate but markets are still as magnetic as ever.

Water sports

Chennai is the ideal spot to enjoy a range of exciting water sports. Waterskiing, kayaking and speed boat rides are popular, as well as windsurfing and para-sailing.

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